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Freelance work

In Aoril 2016, I launched a new venture, High Profiles, which continues independently the series of in-depth interviews that for 23 years I commissioned and edited for Third Way.

Among other things, I have also

• written and broadcast regular ‘thoughts for the day’ on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme;

• written 24 columns for the Independent;

• done interviews for the ‘ethical lifestyle’ magazine Sublime, and written features for Green Futures, Developments and Church Times;

• edited the comment pages of the Independent on Sunday;

• edited books for Continuum, Monarch, Hodder & Stoughton and Piquant – including Andrew White’s award-winning memoirs Iraq: Searching for hope and The Vicar of Baghdad, and Betty Spackman’s A Profound Weakness: Christians and kitsch;

• proofread both fiction and non-fiction for Orion;

• subbed for New Statesman;

• commissioned and edited scores of interviews for Third Way – including Thom Yorke of Radiohead (‘an incredible scoop’ – The Observer), James Lovelock, Noam Chomsky, Tracey Emin, Annie Lennox and Marina Abramovic. I have myself interviewed for the magazine Werner Herzog, Khalid Mish’al of Hamas, General Sir Michael Jackson, Bianca Jagger and Nigel Farage among many others;

• worked on speeches for a prominent Labour peer;

• masterminded a new corporate identity for the charity Phi (Partnerships in Health Information);

• worked as a specialist researcher and booker for Radio 4 on the 2006 series of ‘Iconoclasts’;

• edited an annual report for BTCV, as well as two issues of its magazine Conserver;

• edited a souvenir programme for the Greenbelt Arts Festival, and contributed a column to its website;

• contributed a 5,000-word essay (with copious notes) to Professor Andrew Linzey’s book Animals on the Agenda: Questions about animals for theology and ethics (SPCK).

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Freelance work

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